About the Suffolk cyclist

Simon Young is a journalist on a mission to lose weight and get fit while cycling around the glorious Suffolk countryside. He is no pro rider. Yes, he wears snug lycra shorts and a sickly fluorescent light green cycling jersey, but that’s for comfort, not show. He is not fast. In fact, he only overtook his first cyclist a few months ago, and that was an old Suffolk boy with a flat cap smoking a fag.

Suffolk is not known for its mountains, but Simon began his Suffolk cycling journey by struggling to get up some of the county ‘hills’.

Simon is, however, improving rapidly, and now positively zooms up a gradient, so long as it is not more than 4%. Most of all, though, he’s having a bit of fun being a Suffolk cyclist – and feeling so much better for it.

He can be contacted at: suffolkcycling@gmail.com

Boxford Tornado

Suffolk Cycling would be happy to publish guest posts on this blog/website. If you would like to submit something, then contact suffolkcycling@gmail.com And if you have some cycling gear you’d like reviewed, tested, and generally approved of, then also get in touch. Hell, let’s do away with the niceties – send me some free stuff already! Thanks.