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What to do if your bike is stolen

What to do if your bike is stolen

Did you know that in the UK one bike is stolen almost every minute? Only 4% of those are ever retrieved and returned to their owner, making bike theft a serious issue for cyclists. Having your bike stolen can be … Click to read more...

Suffolk cycling event

Cycling goals for 2015

I get a bit bored of New Year's resolutions, so it's a bit odd that I'm even bothering to set out my cycling goals here. However, I do find that stating such things publicly helps the resolve through the subsequent … Click to read more...

Broken: Tacx i-Genius

Tacx trainer gives up the ghost

This is a little disappointing to report, seeing as I was so excited about getting my Tacx i-Genius cycle trainer. It arrived as described, set up with no issues, and then worked like a dream for all of six weeks. I … Click to read more...

cycling lane car parking

20 stupid cycle lanes

Anyone who rides a bike knows how utterly useless most urban planners are. Far from making cyclists' lives easier (and safer) with well-thought-out cycle lanes, many lanes are just plain stupid. With that in … Click to read more...

Tacx brake system

Tacx i-Genius review

*EDIT: Six weeks in, and the Tacx-iGenius went up in smoke. While the initial review below might still be useful for you, the follow-up post about the Tacx fault is here* Here it is, my Tacx i-Genius … Click to read more...