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Broken: Tacx i-Genius

Tacx trainer gives up the ghost

This is a little disappointing to report, seeing as I was so excited about getting my Tacx i-Genius cycle trainer. It arrived as described, set up with no issues, and then worked like a dream for all of six weeks. I … Click to read more...

cycling lane car parking

20 stupid cycle lanes

Anyone who rides a bike knows how utterly useless most urban planners are. Far from making cyclists' lives easier (and safer) with well-thought-out cycle lanes, many lanes are just plain stupid. With that in … Click to read more...

Tacx brake system

Tacx i-Genius review

*EDIT: Six weeks in, and the Tacx-iGenius went up in smoke. While the initial review below might still be useful for you, the follow-up post about the Tacx fault is here* Here it is, my Tacx i-Genius … Click to read more...