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Ted Baker cycling gear at Wiggle

My friends at Wiggle, the online cycling store, have just sent information that I know many will be interested in: they've teamed up to stock an exclusive range of cycling gear from Ted Baker. The Men’s … Click to read more...

Bike computer Garmin

Benefits of the Garmin Edge 510

I'm a typical MAMIL (Middle-Aged Man in Lycra), one who can't resist buying loads of gadgets even if they don't actually do anything worthwhile. But my most recent purchase, the Garmin Edge 510 with performance … Click to read more...

Climbing hills on a bike

Cycling up hills, a weighty issue

I suppose it's a case of simple physics. But I hated physics at school, and the science of cycling up hills isn't exactly making it any more appealing. You see, when you're a little overweight, climbing on a bike is … Click to read more...